Smart Chatbot Interns For Smart Businesses

Your new virtual intern helps you answer customer questions, convert leads and automate business processes to increase your bottom line.


Lead Generation

Tom engages with your leads and shares more about your products or services. He can even help you manage your appointments.


Customer Support

Valerie manages enquiries and FAQs, helping your team cut down the repetitive questions


Ecommerce and Sales

Phoebus simplifies the shopping experience via suggestions and highly calibrated offers. He can even close sales and process payments.

The gold standard for AI chatbot software

Secure & Safe
Fast deployment
Stable & scalable

Let your new virtual intern handle the tedious tasks, so that you can focus on building and scaling your great business.


1 sec

Response Time



Time Saved


Reduce Intern Cost

We help improve business processes

Our AI chatbot interns have no turnover rates, are highly efficient workers and requires no manual training or office space. This makes them very valuable in the current market space.

Adam Wen


Our Technology

AI Chatbot with NLP

We help you build your Cloud Intern for your business needs. We work with forefront Natural Language Processing (NLP) providers, allowing your Cloud Intern to understand complex requests.

Powerful Automations

Your Cloud Intern is trained to work well with your existing business tools such as Facebook Messenger, Hubspot, Pipedrive, Google Suite, Mailchimp, Salesforce and Zendesk. Our API allows your Cloud Intern to connect to 1,000+ applications.

Scale Your Business With Our Interns

$95SGD/month for a customised Cloud Intern.

“Live agent support requests has gone down by 65% upon implementation of Valerie. Will recommend.”

Liman, CMO @ Domainboost

Interview our Cloud Interns

Interested to interview a specific cloud intern to see how well they can do their job? Leave us your email and we will contact you within 1 business day.

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